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Jj shares her reasons as to
Why you should print your best snaps


I'm amazed to learn that I have 36,905 photos stored in the cloud. I congratulate myself on this wonderful, totally random achievement as I sit 34,000 feet in the sky on my flight home from Singapore to Melbourne.  As I order a second cheeky glass of Pinot Grigio, I contemplate whether to leave the photos as they are or make use of this valuable down time to sort them out to make more space for my next adventure. I choose the latter option.

As I scroll through the seemingly endless library, I am reminded of the great times I have had. Before long, I’m re-living moments I haven’t revisited for months, or according to some of the photo time-stamps, years.

As I juggle my wine and continue to scroll through the family wedding, the new baby and Splendour 2018, (OMG that is unreal), it occurs to me that it’s a total waste to have these photos stored on a smartphone screen not being seen, shared or enjoyed by myself and others. I haven't looked at them for ages. Some of these holiday pics were taken on a high quality SLR camera so I know the original files are good for large prints.  Memories return as I spot my favourite Pina Colada enjoyed at Nha Trang beach, Vietnam.  What a perfect day that was.

As the captain provides a flight update, (due to the sudden, turbulent weather), I wish I’d printed some of these photos to be tangible, visible, and framed where they would be hanging safely on my walls. At that point I promised myself that I’ll print and frame some of the greats in future and here’s some good reasons why:

 1. Give life to your photos

You get to see more texture, details and colour in a printed photo rather than one viewed as a digital file on a computer screen.  Sometimes you can even see things in a print that you didn’t even notice on the computer screen. It’s magical to be able to hold your photo in your hand.  Tangible and real.

A professionally printed image on fine art photographic paper gives a more 3D quality, rather than a flat image shown on a backlit computer screen.

There are two stages to photography. Half the fun is taking the photo.The other half is the experience of choosing how to present that image on a wall. There’s joy in choosing a beautiful fine art paper surface and having your image professionally printed and then framed. Choose a professional printer and framer for the best results and see your photos come to life.

 2. Information overload

I discovered that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the past 2 years. Facebook alone generates 4 million gigabytes daily. With this information overload, your photos are diluted by the sheer volume of images all competing for storage and retrieval.  It’s important to file, store and keep your images with back up, ready to retrieve quickly when needed. With rapid, daily changes to technology, retrieving and viewing your images in years to come may be impossible!  (My new iMac does not have a built in CD drive). So, print the images you love for safe keeping.

 3. Make your walls sing

What you put on the walls of your home or office contributes to the overall look, feel and interior design of your space. It’s an inexpensive and easy option to have your photos professionally printed and framed to add value to your home.  Your own story, told through the photos you’ve taken, adds character to your home and creates spaces with laughter, memories and soul.


The moral of the story  is that social media isn’t going anywhere because it’s designed for ‘the now’. So why not slide off a few of your favourite images to be printed and framed to create timeless memories and real conversations with family and friends.  I’ll be printing and framing some of my favourites, starting with that cocktail, poolside, at Nha Trang Beach.  

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