Bohemian - Bo Ho

This is the style where you get to be daring.  It's a risky theme where anything goes.
Recommendations:  Frame - A pair of frames to create interest. 
Mat board black or none. 
Frame:  Silver, walnut, oak, black
Key elements: The Bo Ho theme skilfully combines colour, pattern and texture all thrown together in a way that works whilst creating a certain‘surprise’ element. This style originated in Morocco. It’s relaxed and easy. Colours such as hot pink, purple, turquoise, red, orange, yellow, brown and black provide energy and interest.
Textures dominate and consist of wood, worn materials such as wicker and leather. Bronze, iron and coloured, decorative glassware feature in accessories. To balance the hard textures, old style rugs, macramé, crochet rugs, woven baskets and softer, unique textures can be found. Aztec and rich, tribal themes are prominent.
Art Work: Anything that you love, but most colourful and bordering on bizarre. Forests, dark themes, musical themes, Aztec, tribal and lots of pattern. Old doorways, gates and colourful florals always work well.  Even those florals that border on being 'old fashioned" to give a wild look to the overall theme.