Can I print my original art work with Love it Frame it?

Yes but you will need to make a good digital file of your original art work. See my latest blog here How to photograph your art. Use this file as your upload file in the frame selected from the online store.  

Will the reproduction print be exactly the same as my original art. 

Expect any art work reproduction to be slightly different from the original. 

For the price of the Love it Frame it, our calibration of our computer screen with the printer is almost 100%.

For more info on making digital files of art work, contact Coastal Framing and Design and speak with Jen. 

 How big do my photo files need to be? 

Here are our recommended minimum sizes to give you a good quality print. If they are smaller, expect less detail and quality. 

Shopify will upload a maximum of 20MB per order, so between this recommended file size and 20MB is ideal. 

Large frame -     Portrait or Landscape:  print 8MB  
Medium frame - Portrait or Landscape  :print 6MB

Small frame:      Portrait or Landscape 4MB 

Square Frame:   8MB 

Canvas print:    Landscape, Portrait  or square:  8MB 

Insta frame:       4MB 

Please refer to our blog on the HOME page - PIXELS 

Why is my order bombing out at the loading up stage? 

Shopify can only upload a maximum of 20MB per order. Please check your file sizes.  If you have one print and frame in your cart, your single file of under 20MB is fine.  For 2 frames in the one order, 10MB max for each.  For 3 frames in the one order, 6MB each.  If you have more orders and the total file sizes exceed 20MB, place separate orders.

The other reason may be that your internet provider is slow.  Be patient or try uploading at times when others are not inclined to be using their internet.  

If you have continued trouble, please contact the team at or phone 0755234101 for assistance. 

Can I have glass instead of the perspex?

No.  We no longer offer this option due to the time constraints in making these wholesale frames.  The 2mm perspex is a quality product and can be couriered easily and safely. You can still collect your framing from our store in Industry Drive but your frame will have perspex. 

Do the frames come packaged?

Yes.  Each frame is wrapped in bubble wrap and then fitted into its own, perfectly sized cardboard box. It's then secured with reinforced tape. The packaging products are recyclable. The Instaframes are packaged individually and make a perfect gift as one unit. Multiple orders are also individually boxed then bundled together for shipping. 

How long from when I order to when I receive my package?

Orders are processed and printed each day.  These are a priority for our workshop. 

Fine Art prints require overnight to settle (cure).  They are framed in our workshop the following morning and are dispatched the next day.  
From there our courier service should have your package to you within 3 or 7 days, depending on where you live.

During COVID19 please allow longer for the delivery of your package from our door to yours. The courier services are slower than usual. 

Does the $10 voucher included in the price include remote areas?

We include a $10 voucher to post your package which covers East Coast areas, major cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, Brisbane.  Other more remote country areas, distant cities and locations may incur an additional charge.  We will notify you if this is the case, prior to fulfilling your order  and so you can confirm and top up the freight cost easily so your order is not held up.  A separate invoice will be sent to your email and payment can be received via credit card over the phone or a bank deposit paid into our bank account prior to proceeding with the order. 

What if my product is damaged when I receive it?

Please refer to our returns policy found at the bottom of our home page. 

What sort of perspex is used on the frames?

2mm perspex.  This looks like glass but is softer on the eye and makes the frame lightweight and safe for transporting. 

What products do you use in making the print frame packages?

Please refer to our PRODUCTS page or section on the HOME PAGE

Am I able to have my prints on Fine Art Cotton Rag paper?

Yes.  In the 'note' section of your order, please indicate this preference. It will be the same price as the lustre paper. Alternatively, please contact us  at 0755234101 with your request as soon as you have placed the order. 

Can I have a larger print and frame package that is not on the shopping site? 

Coastal Framing and Design can make you a custom print and frame package of the size you would like. Please message us at jen@coastalframinganddesign or phone: 0755234101 for your request. 

We offer on line consultations via phone, email or video via SMS. 

Prices will be custom priced depending on your choice of print and frame. We can arrange quotes, payments and delivery of your larger frame. 

How to I make a photo wall from the options on line?

The frames are designed to sit side by side to create either a small, medium or large photo wall.  You may like to contact our designer through message, email or phone 07 55234101 to ask for assistance in designing your wall.

More information with plans and suggestions are being added to our site as time goes on. 

Can I add a personalised message if my package is a gift?

Yes.  You may add a note in the note section OR email with your wording. We will add a handwritten note to your frame. We are considering a couple of click through options to add to your frame in the New Year, 2022.