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The farmhouse theme can cross boundaries of traditional, country and modern classic. It reflects family, home and nature. 

Recommendation:  Frame, Canvas and a photo wall of Instaframes.   
Mat colour: Black or white.
Frame: Oak or Walnut. 
Key elements: Inspired by the rustic, timber expanse of a farmhouse with wide verandas, this interior design is earthy, comfortable and relaxed. It encompasses family. The base colours are white and cream which contrast with heavier timbers such as walnut, teak or even distressed, sawn wood.
Modern flooring often involves the stripping back of the existing floor coverings to reveal original timbers which can be sanded back and oiled. Chocolate browns feature with dark greens in the accessories which are scattered over leather sofas. Antique furniture may feature with recycled and natural materials.
Art Work: Earthy, expansive landscapes, trees, bark and leaves, Australiana bush, cows and horses and outback or farm-oriented themes. Themes that are warm to the heart.
Ideas: Family photos make a homely feature in this style so consider a collection on a wall. Transforming digital images to sepia also work well, giving the rustic, earthy look.