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The Hamptons theme originated in Long Island, New York and is a classic, popular coastal design but with a little more sophistication and more ‘up market’ than the casual Coastal look. It can be very 'nautical' in its theme. 

Recommended frame style: Frame, canvas or instagram
Mat colour: White
Frame: White, Silver

Key elements: Base colour palette is white and beige moving to dark brown, with accent colours of blue and white.

Natural light is a key element with garden spaces integrating into the indoors with greenery, usually in white pots and vases. Comfort is a key element with cushions and soft furnishings dominating in blue and white.

Art choices: White, floral themes, blue and white nautical themes, patterns such as classic paisley and geometric designs in blue, navy and white.
Ideas: Small square art works grouped together in symmetry on a small wall, or one larger very white art work with a little nautical blue or garden greenery.

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