Industrial - Urban

Industrial styling is about embracing the harder lines, textures and darker colour palletes in interior design. Other styles embracing this theme is Manhattan and Urban.

Recommended frame types - Frame and Instaframes in black and white. 
Mat colour: black or white  Frame: Black, Silver, Walnut. 

Key elements: This style strongly features black, charcoal, greys and browns with strong accent colours, such as yellow, red or orange being introduced in small amounts to give life and energy. This style lets you mix things up with an array of texture such as brick, stone, concrete and metal. Metallics including rose gold, silver or gold for lighting or tap ware is often added to give a ‘sparkle’ and add a smooth contrast to rough textures.

Art Work: Black and white sits perfectly with Industrial styling. Themes like city scapes, iron work, bridges, textures and geometric art work with lines and shapes are perfect. Family photos altered to black and white blend perfectly.

Ideas: Art works hung in pairs will add strength and feature to the walls. Two city scapes together, or a collection of family photos in black and white and framed in black.  A Black and white image on canvas fits in well as it adds another texture.Select images of urban buildings, travel shots, markets, linear objects or cars to personalise your space.

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