Modern Classic

This modern style oozes quality and tasteful decorating.  
Recommended frame type: Frame or canvas in pairs or threes to make a larger statement. 
Mat colours: White
Frame: Back, white or oak or walnut. 
Key elements: The lines are strong and orderly with lots of colour pops to accent the foundation colours of black, warm whites or often, timber panelling. 
Floor boards dominate with a move towards polished concrete floors. Bright colours are often featured with large scale art works, lamps, cushions, furniture rugs and other homeware accessories. Colours such as aqua, red, orange and brights can work well. Plants in concrete pots, glass or wicker often appear. This style is a mix of ideas, verging on the‘eclectic’ where vignettes of design elements are placed together to make a statement.

Art work: Select your favourite abstracts, birds or plants, Australiana fauna and flora with bright bush colours would work well. 
Ideas: Canvas abstract art would complement this style well. Choose a theme of pastel colours, or brights. Two or three canvases placed throughout the home in similar themes and colours would create 'harmony' with repetition of a theme. Select the largest possible or place several art works together to create a photo wall of interest.